On Valentine's Day, Heart Yourself - We'll Heart Your Hair

A MopTop Valentine: Love-Thyself-Fest

It’s Valentine’s Day week, and as I zip from store to store for all the essentials (conversation hearts, valentine cards, enough chocolate to rival a Halloween haul), I have to say I’m feeling a little anxious. Did I remember everything? Did I get enough? Do my kids love the confectionary treat I just purchased loads of, or is that the one they NO LONGER like?

The brief twinge of angst aside, I love Valentine’s Day! What’s not to love? Hearts and flowers and chocolates rolled into a 24-hour love fest of affection (or recriminations, if I really DID get the candy wrong!).

I love it… not so much because of the Hallmark-inspired rigor of card-candy-flowers, but because it really does remind us to “walk the talk”, as we say here in Texas, and back our words with a little more flourish in our actions – gush a little more, hug a little longer, take an extra piece of dark chocolate.

I’d love to remind you to also do a little something for yourself on Valentine’s Day… and every day. Love yourself and show it!

Permission to Love THYSELF: Eat, Sleep, Treat

EAT when you’re hungry, but eat deliciously and healthily so you FEEL BETTER, and your body and mind function more smoothly and in synch. It doesn’t have to be all giraffe-food all the time (cake and chips DO have their place in the food pyramid), but lean more into the giraffe options and reconsider your carbs.

Get enough SLEEP – go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual to allow yourself time to run through your mental checklist and solve all the world’s problems, and still have enough time left over to get a decent night’s rest!

TREAT yourself to some extra time– most of us don’t require hearts and flowers and candy every day, but most of us also rarely indulge ourselves when there are others around to indulge first (husband, children, dog, rinse and repeat)! Indulge in the little daily things that give us a few moments back – reclaim that time and ENJOY it… whether it’s a second cup of coffee, an extra 10 minutes of hot shower, a few pages of uninterrupted reading time (ha!), a bike ride (yes, we’re still allowed, even when children aren’t accompanying us), or letting someone else walk the dog or collect the drycleaning. It’s your time, too. So enjoy it!

And we are always here to help you love and nurture your hair. Happy Valentine’s Day from MopTop, where we “heart” your hair!

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