Live Naturally and Authentically: Embrace Your Best You in 2017

Season Survived – Check! Roll On 2017

We’ve survived the holiday season! All that excitement and anticipation and over-indulging without judgment!

We indulged in food, fashion, frivolity and technology – did we REALLY need another infinity scarf? A bigger data plan? Another (insert here, as applicable) hor d’oeuvre/sweet/cocktail?

Now that 2017 has arrived, unpacked, wrestled the remote control away from us, and settled in long enough that we’ve stopped writing 2016 on our checks, it’s natural to experience a little low-grade nugget of dread that subtly burrows into our conscience as we contemplate fresh starts.

The Pitfalls of Fresh Starts

Most of us will take a die-hard type approach to being our best selves, with a food/fashion/frivolity/technology fast, martyring ourselves with notions of virtue and extreme self-denial. We will focus on what we eat, how much we spend, how much we exercise – all the things WE THINK will make us happy in the new year. It’s all about the definition of self-improvement we’ve been conditioned to believe.

Such extremes can’t last and we’ll soon be punishing ourselves for our lack of discipline and self-control. That we actually allow ourselves to succumb to the exhaustion awaiting us at the end of the day, and rather than swimming laps or biking to nowhere at the gym, we wrestle the remote back to watch a little HGTV before bed.

Embrace Yourself: A Closer Look At Core Change

And since what’s in the mirror is more “in your face” (no pun intended) in terms of what we can physically change and where we’ll see the biggest difference, we tend to look less closely at how to live our core values in a more robust fashion. How to live more simply. More kindly (including more kindly to ourself). More authentically. More happily. Less tech-y.

In 2017, that is what I intend to do – to really indulge in being more authentic, not just with my hair, but in all facets of my life. I want to embrace my natural best – and I invite you to do the same and to share your wishes for the new year with us.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty and the Very Best of Everything in 2017!

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