Salon vs. Natural: The Difference Between MopTop's Product Lines

Most Frequently Asked Question About MopTop

I am often asked: Why does MopTop have two product lines and what is the difference anyway?

Great question! I launched the MopTop brand with the Salon line 12 yrs ago. It is sold in salons and on our website.


Salon Line

Here are the main highlights of the Salon Line:

- The ingredients are richer, more emollient, salon-grade, and have more moisturizing ingredients.

- The products have water-soluble wheat and soy proteins.

- Most of the Salon line is paraben-free, with the exception of the Daily Conditioner (we were unable to get this product to perform as well without it).

- There are no sulfates, waxes or dyes.

- The product scents have hints of lavender, mint, and citrus.

- The products are offered in retail (8-12 oz) and salon (liters and gallons) sizes.

At the time I went on my own personal natural journey and started having gluten issues, I had several friends encouraging me to talk to Whole Foods. Whole Foods liked the concept and asked if I would consider reformulating to have a retail line without wheat and soy. I agreed, and we called this our Natural product line.


Natural Line

The Natural line launched into the Southwest Region of Whole Foods in October of 2013. The main highlights of the Natural Line:

- The products are infused with aloe, sea botanicals, and honey.

- They are no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, silicone, gluten, and soy - They have a smaller percentage of moisturizing ingredients.

- The natural products are only available in retail sizes from 2-8 oz and range in price from $9.99 – $14.99.

- The product scents are fresh and citrusy (citrus medley, bamboo, citrus bamboo, and citrus kumquat).

We focus on partnering with retailers like Whole Foods, HEB, Central Market and independents.


What's Best for Me?

You cannot go wrong with either line, it's a personal preference for what works best for your hair. Both lines will leave your hair soft to the touch. If you want a hard or crunchy feel, MopTop is NOT for you. Both lines are very concentrated, so the biggest mistake people make in application is using too much. Our mantra is a little goes a long way for salon performance with natural confidence.

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