The Trick to Detangling at Bathtime
Tired of ending a great day of play with your little ones screaming and struggling over tangled hair? MopTop is here to save the day--and your little duck’s curls! Check out our tips and tricks to make bath time fun and painless!


The best way to wash off the day and start fresh tomorrow is to have bath time in the evening. MopTop’s Fuzz Patrol bundle makes your kid’s nighttime routine simple, effective, and affordable!

Brunette mother washing young brunette child's hair during bathtime

Your journey to detangled bliss should start with our FuzzyDuck Shampoo. Meant to clean the dirt and mess from your child’s scalp, it goes the extra mile to nourish the curls with natural ingredients. Next, applying MopTop’s FuzzyDuck Conditioner to the ends of the curls will create great slip, making the curls much easier to work with. This is also a great time to start working with the conditioner to detangle the knots---we suggest the use of a Wet Brush to do so, which is specially designed to work well when the hair is still wet!


One last time saver step to make your morning routine easier is to use our Curly Hair Custard after you condition and detangle! Meant to soften the curls, calm frizz, and maintain the detangled locks. MopTop Curly Hair Custard will help decrease the amount of knots formed overnight! We suggest placing the custard into a spray bottle mixed with water (1:1 ratio) for easy distribution onto the curls.

Young mixed girl with curly coily blonde brown hair looking up

Now, if you have a tender-headed babe who is always fussing when you start to detangle, our Fuzz Patrol bundle includes a rubber ducky, perfect for distractions while you work on their hair.  They play while you detangle!


Now that we know that bath time can be fun for the kids and easy for the moms, there are a few tips outside of the bath that can be helpful when battling tangles.


Using a silk pillowcase at night allows your child’s curls to slide smoothly across the surface without catching, which reduces frizz and snarls! Additionally, it’s always helpful to keep our expectations realistic. Kids move, they create friction between themselves, their heads, and just about everything else... which can increase the chances of frizzy and unruly curls. Remember to be patient, grab our Curly Hair Custard, and take advantage of our Fuzz Patrol bundle for just $25! Cheers to gentle untangling and making bath time fun again!

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