How To Use MopTop Curl Enhancer Gel For Your Specific Hair Type

So the buzz around town is that you need to use curl enhancing products for your curls to truly thrive! Feeling stuck on which product to use, or more importantly, how to use it? We’ve got just the trick for you to transform your curls from dull to defined in no time! 

Why MopTop Curl Enhancer Gel is Right for You!

So you know you should be using curl enhancing products, but what exactly will it do for your hair? While specific changes to your curls can depend on your hair type, curl enhancing products in general work to create big curl definition while maintaining a soft hold. 

This especially rings true for MopTop’s Curl Enhancer Gel! Our gel provides good slip and leaves your hair smelling great. With a citrus medley of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit essential oils, your hair will feel and smell great while producing springy, fresh curls! 

Our Curl Enhancer Gel also plays nicely with other products, so it can be used as a base for volume while still supporting additional products in your hair care routine. Top the gel with our MopTop Medium Hold Gel for firm hold without the crunchy, sticky hair, or opt for the MopTop Leave-In Conditioner that allows for extra hydration without compromising your styled curls.


How-To for Each Hair Type

Now that you know why you need our Curl Enhancer Gel, it’s just as important that you know how to use the product for your specific hair type. Curl enhancing products can work just as well for less dense hair as it does for those with normal to thick density, but in different ways. 

Finer, Low-density hair

For finer hair, MopTop’s Curl Enhancer Gel is the perfect way to give off the illusion that you have more hair. For shoulder length hair of this type, separate your hair into two sections, and work a dime or pea-sized amount of gel into each section for best results. 

Wavy hair

Attention all our wavy girls! Our gel will enhance those curls, especially if you set the hair by using a diffuser. This combo will create a curlier look than you may normally have without them, offering a new way to define and discover your hair’s potential! 

For medium density hair, start with separating your hair into four sections. Work about a nickel-sized amount of gel into each individual section. If you take the time to thoroughly work the product into your curls, your results will be significantly better!

Curly hair

Similar to the ladies with wavy hair, those with curly hair will find that pairing the Curl Enhancer Gel with a diffuser will set the hair and create more defined curls. If you don’t already have those defined curls, this combo will prove that you can have bigger curls!

For higher density hair, separate the hair into four sections, and start by putting a quarter-sized amount of product in each section. Work the product into the hair in each section for the best results. 

Another reminder for using this product with dense hair: our gel is water soluble and works great as a base, so experimenting with adding other hair products to the gel is encouraged! Creating your own custom cocktail of hair products is made easy with our Curl Enhancer Gel


MopTop Curl Enhancer Gel


Everybody’s hair is different, and we get that! There are absolutely exceptions when it comes to hair care, so some individuals may need more or less product than others. 

We suggest that you start with our suggested amounts of Curl Enhancer Gel depending on your hair type, and then you can always go back in and add more if you deem it necessary. It’s best to start with less so you can build the product. Our hope is that you avoid feeling like you have more product than hair on your head! 

Our founder, Kelly, ended up with bigger curls when using this product, especially when she just air dried her shoulder-length curls. Though this was Kelly's experience with the product and every hair type will be different, we encourage you to play with the amount you use and your technique. If you have any questions, we are here to help!

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