Critical Curl Conversations

Gear up for MopTop’s brand new vlog series called Critical Curl Conversations! The series will focus on different issues related to hair loss, and is hosted by MopTop founder Kelly Foreman. 


In the first episode Kelly is joined by Karla from Hair Enhancement Centers, an FDA-approved practice that helps repair hair thinning and hair loss in an easy and painless way!





The two hair pros kick off the vlog series by discussing tips for healthy hair and a healthy scalp! Our hair goes through three phases of life; the growing cycle, the resting cycle, and finally the shedding cycle. 


Karla details that while our hair normally resides in the growing cycle for about 90% of its life, factors such as age, stress and hormones, among other things, can trigger the hair to start the shedding cycle earlier. This premature transition can lead the hair to breakage, dryness and hair loss. 


A great way to ensure that your scalp and hair are healthy is to detox any buildup from your strands! In the vlog, Kelly recommends the MopTop Detox Shampoo to deep clean your hair, all while keeping your hair fresh with the citrus essential oils! 

Be sure to watch the vlog for Kelly’s special tips for the best way to distribute the product and get the best scalp penetration with the Detox Shampoo

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