The Importance of a Healthy Scalp for Hair Health

Let’s face it, your shelves are probably overflowing with shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. that you turn to when your hair is losing its luster. But do any of those products tend to your scalp? Healthy, shiny hair starts at the scalp, so if your curls are feeling flat and lifeless, your problem may not be in the strands, but at the base of your hair! 

Lacking hair can be caused by many things, but product buildup and extra oils at the scalp are main contributors. Oil production is typically higher in the summer heat, which can collect on the scalp and cause blockages to the hair. 

This oil and sebum, combined with buildup of hair product residue, chlorine, and sunscreen can cause hair to appear less shiny, less healthy, and can disrupt growth and cause issues with styling!

Summer solution

So, if all the buildup is unavoidable and even more prevalent in the summer, what can we do? The answer is to clarify and cleanse the scalp of impurities—which can be done with the MopTop Detox Shampoo!

Our Detox Shampoo removes product residue and excess oil and sebum to restore your natural scalp balance and is ideal for all hair types. With rich, cleansing coconut and a refreshing blend of citrus essential oils, this scalp detox acts as a restart for your hair and can bring a new life back into your curls! 

In addition to cleansing impurities, the Detox Shampoo serves to reset hair for any styling and color treatments, all while restoring vibrancy and shine to your curls! Your hair deserves it! 

Woman Girl with curly hair shampooing rinse shampoo

How often should we detox?

Though it’s especially important to clarify during the warmer summer months, our detox shampoo can be used year-round—though be sure to avoid using it too often! Overdoing the clarifying can irritate the scalp, so it is recommended to generally be used every four to six weeks. Everyone’s head and curls are unique, so be sure to experiment to find the best routine for your scalp!

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Other scalp refreshers

Other ways to ensure scalp health is to massage your scalp regularly! This can be done with your hands or with a scalp scrub brush when shampooing. 

Massaging the scalp encourages blood flow to the head and hair follicle which not only can help exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin and buildup but has also been known to encourage hair growth. This practice can also serve as a relaxation point to relieve tension and stress that are held in the temples and head—an extra bonus! 

Now that you’ve got your scalp’s new best friend on deck, you’re ready for your best summer hair yet!

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