Hair Necessities For Fall

As we enjoy our final days of summer, it’s time to think about stepping into a new season! As humid summer heat waves shift to cooler and drier autumn winds, it’s important to stay on top of nourishing your hair with the change of the seasons! 


If your hair care routine seems intimidating, don’t sweat it!  One of the main things to remember is - MOISTURE!  And MopTop has you covered.


Follow along for our breakdown of the best MopTop products to restore and retain moisture in your hair this fall, and how to use them:

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Meant for our curly girls, this custard not only aids in styling your strands, but is meant to lock in moisture and shine all day long! Apply MopTop’s Curly Hair Custard evenly to sectioned, wet hair and style as usual!  Tip: Once the product is applied, DON’T touch hair until 70-80% dry.  For more definition to your waves or curls, scrunch & air dry or use a diffuser. Remember, less texture requires less product! 


2. MopTop Daily Conditioner 

MopTop Daily Conditioner fits perfectly into your day as it can easily be used in your shower routine! Be sure to apply the product to wet hair and gently work it in from roots to ends. Once the Daily Conditioner has soaked for 3-5 minutes, rinse with cool water and follow up with your favorite MopTop styling product! This product is best used for hair textures ranging from wavy to curly! 


3. MopTop Leave-In Conditioner 

Similar to our Daily Conditioner, MopTop’s Leave-In Conditioner works to hydrate and smooth all different hair types and textures. The difference between the two products is that the Leave-In Conditioner can be used as a styler or a base for other MopTop styling products. 


4. MopTop Mongongo Oil 

Perfect for mixing with our leave-ins, custards or gels, MopTop’s Mongongo Oil is made to hydrate, regenerate, and restructure hair. Be sure to apply as a last step before styling, as it is meant to eliminate flyaways and frizz---for our curly friends, be sure to let the product set before scrunching! Get to styling and hydrating and don’t forget - A little goes a long way!


5. MopTop Salon Deep Conditioner 

Dry hair is no match for our Salon Deep Conditioner! This product is great for the occasional deep conditioning or for daily use on extremely dry, damaged, frizzy hair. 

Apply the Salon Deep Conditioner to wet hair after shampooing, and leave on for 3-5 minutes.  Before rinsing with cool water, be sure to massage the scalp and gently comb the product through. For more intense conditioning, apply to dry hair, cover with a shower cap and add dryer heat for 20-30 minutes; then rinse with cool water and style as usual. Follow this step with MopTop’s Anti-Frizz Gel, Leave-In Conditioner or Curly Hair Custard for styling.


Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on how to care for your locks with the changing season, be sure to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #moptophair to show off your moisturized, healthy hair! Happy hydrating...😉

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