Refresh Your Post-Wash Day Hair the MopTop Way!

A recent hair trend has encouraged ladies to wash their hair less and less throughout the week. By not washing everyday, it allows the scalp’s natural oils to remain, which can support your hair’s healthy growth. 


The technique to refresh your hair after the initial wash, like anything, should be used in moderation! We’re here to guide you through the tips and tricks of refreshing your hair for days after a wash! Many factors like hair type, weather, length, porosity, exercise, and day-to-day activities can all affect the quality of your post-wash hair.


As you start your hair-refreshing journey, be sure to keep track of how fresh your hair and scalp feel after each day post-wash. This will help you understand your hair’s limit when it comes to refreshing methods, and can help determine just how long you can stretch out that initial wash.

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Top tips for refreshing your curls 

Each day you go without shampooing your hair, it will naturally loose volume, and may even create more frizz. Just remember-- when your strands can no longer be saved by the methods we will explain below, it may be time to shampoo or detox the scalp.

  • The best way to keep your curls fresh for days after your wash is to take the preventative approach! A great way to do this is to protect your curls each night by wrapping them under a gentle-fitting satin cap, or using a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce frizz and tangles. Not only will this make your curls easier to work with the next day, but it can lessen the amount of product that you need to add each subsequent day.


  • Reactivating products that you used on wash day can be as easy as adding a few sprays of water to your curls. Instead of reaching for your product on day two, use the Water Only method by spraying water onto your hair, fluffing the crown and gently rubbing the scalp. The Water Only method can wrangle frizz and help form the strands into more structured curls! Note: Low porosity hair may need more water than high porosity hair--be sure to scrunch the water into the strands to more deeply penetrate the cuticle if you have low porosity hair.


  • Day three or beyond hair can also use the Water Only method, but water alone may not do the trick at this point. Now may be a great time to experiment with adding products into your curls. Leave-In conditioner, curl creams, and gels can all work to reform curls out of frizzy sections. By using less product to start with, you can avoid hair losing even more volume and being weighed down--and you can always build from less product to more if needed!

There is no perfect routine for switching out these products on certain days, so experiment to find the best fit for you and your curls!

MopTop Curly Hair Custard


The best MopTop products to help you refresh! 

Now that you know the best way to extend your initial wash, you’ll need the best products to help you achieve your best hair on day two, three, and beyond! 

  • MopTop Leave-In Conditioner provides soft, touchable definition while working as an amazing moisturizer and detangler, too. Use for extra conditioning or as a base before cocktailing with other MopTop stylers.
  • MopTop Curly Hair Custard is rich and creamy (without weighing down your curls!), and can handle frizz on day three (and beyond!). Be sure to apply sparingly at first, and build from there to maintain the most volume on your refresh days.

A good starting spot is to use the following schedule to refresh your post-wash hair, and then tailor it to your curls once you find out what works best for your locks! 


Day Two (first day after initial wash): try the Water Only method, add your styler of choice:  MopTop Leave-in Conditioner, MopTop Curl Enhancer Gel, MopTop Curly Hair CustardMopTop Salon Medium Hold Gel.

Day Three and beyond:  follow the Water Only method but add more water and repeat the process using your favorite styler. 

**Tip - mix styling product with water in a spray bottle for easy application!


For a full step-by-step process led by MopTop founder herself, check out this video!

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When you say you mix 1/2 styler and 1/2 water in the bottle, what do you mean by styler?do you mean Curl Enhancer Gel, leave in conditioner or the custard? Please let me know.
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