Salon vs. Natural Product Lines -- MopTop spills the details!

It’s well known that at MopTop we specialize in high quality hair care products, but one of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive is about our Salon vs. Natural product lines.


So what is the difference between the Salon and Natural products? It all comes down to purpose, ingredients and price! 

Salon Products

Our MopTop Salon products are just like the name suggests, salon-grade! These products have a higher concentration than our natural products, ensuring that hair retains its soft texture while attaining superior results.  MopTop Salon products are infused with sea botanicals & honey and are also paraben-free, with the exception of the Salon Daily Conditioner. 


The Salon line products infuse your hair with aromatic scents like Lavender Mint and Lemon Sage that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed! 


Our Salon products are offered in retail sizes (8-12 oz) and in a bigger salon size (32 oz).  MopTop Salon line -- Salon Quality at an Affordable Price!


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Natural Product Line

MopTop’s Natural product line differs from the Salon line with all natural ingredients and fragrances. 


While the ingredients of the Natural line are less concentrated than those in the Salon line, there is a specific focus on ingredients derived from the earth in each product. All of which are meant to hydrate hair without unnecessary additives. 


Our Natural products are all free of wheat, soy, parabens, silicone, phthalates, sulfates and dye, leaving your hair cared for without any extra junk! These natural products use fresh scents from nature, such as Citrus Medley, Kumquat, and Bamboo. 


MopTop Natural products are only available in retail sizes ranging from 2 to 16 oz. MopTop Natural line is JunkFree Haircare!

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