Natural ingredients for natural hair

Hair looks and feels the best when it is nourished with quality ingredients--and with MopTop, you never have to question ours! 

While looking through ingredient lists can seem tedious and difficult to understand, our key ingredients are simple, natural, and can be game changers when it comes to improving hair health, shine, and overall sustainability! 

So who’s in the top three for our hair care ingredient starting lineup? Aloe, sea botanicals, and honey are our key players! Keep reading to hear more about what each ingredient is and how it can benefit your hair!

Aloe vera plant cut into slices


The aloe in our products comes from the aloe vera plant which is most commonly used to soothe the skin, but it can also be a natural alternative to harsh chemicals used in some hair care products. MopTop uses this natural option for the sustainability aspect, but also for the benefits for your hair!

Aloe has a gel-like consistency and is packed with various vitamins and fatty acids that can help soothe an irritated scalp and clean and strengthen hair strands.


Sea Botanicals 

Sea botanicals are another key ingredient in MopTop products! The natural ingredients derived from sea plants off the coast of Brazil are known to provide a protective layer that coats the hair strand to retain moisture, especially for those with curls.

Sea botanicals not only provide protection and moisture retention for our curly friends, but can be used on all hair types.  Sea plants have humectant properties, so they not only retain moisture, but attract it from the surrounding environment. 



Last but not least, our final major player is honey! Like our other two key ingredients, increased moisture is a huge benefit of including honey in our MopTop products.

Honey has many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that provide nutrients to the hair strands, such as keratin, which is found in small amounts in honey and works to strengthen weak and brittle hair.  

Much like sea botanicals, honey also has humectant properties which encourage moisture absorption and retention. The hydrating honey seals the hair cuticle with moisture and balances the natural oils in the scalp and on the strands to keep hair cleaner for longer.


MopTop leans on natural, key ingredients to ensure that our products will make your hair feel the healthiest, shiniest, and cleanest it has ever been, all without added chemicals!


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