Protect Your Curls from Sun Damage this Summer!

Skincare is hot right now so you probably get regular reminders to pile on the sunblock as we head into summer! But how are you protecting your hair? We’ve got the product and tips that will keep those locks healthy and preserved all summer long!


Hair Breakage from the Sun

Sun damage goes beyond the skin and can affect our hair via UVA & UVB rays, according to dermatologist Dr. Wilma Bergfeld

“The sun’s rays act very much like bleach on hair,” said Bergfeld. Sun damage can strip the outer barrier of the hair and can be represented via discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken and split ends, hair thinning and frizziness. 

Bergfeld also mentions that fine, light-colored hair is often more prone to damage by the sun because it lacks the thickness and color to protect the strands. Additional stress to the hair like chlorine exposure will also cause breakage. 

For our curly girls, sun damaged hair also has trouble holding a curl and maintaining styles. So what’s the best way to restore those locks in the face of breakage and sun exposure? 

Woman in summer with curly hair exposed to the sun

Sun Damage Solutions

One of the easiest ways to protect our hair from the sun is to keep it covered. By using scarves, hats, and covering ourselves in shade by a parasol, we can easily ensure that our hair isn’t exposed at all. Though these are great options to cover up, you can also use the sun to your advantage when it comes to protection of those curls! 

Pairing MopTop’s Daily Conditioner with the power of the sun is a great way to deep condition your hair while also enjoying the summer sun AND making up for any moisture loss that may cause frizz when things get humid! 

Nourish your hair by letting the sun work for you! Next time you relax in the sun and aren’t worried about your look, apply our Daily Conditioner to your DRY hair and put on a shower cap.  This will allow the sun’s warmth to work with the conditioner so your hair will retain more moisture. 

Though this is an easy fix, it isn't always feasible to have our hair covered, especially when wanting to show off our curls! If you’d rather not be seen in a shower cap, but still want to deep condition while in the sun, apply Daily Conditioner to your DRY hair and braid or clip up your hair, letting the conditioner work its magic with the sun’s warm rays! 

Once you are done enjoying the sun, wash out the Daily Conditioner and style as usual. Now your hair is extra moisturized and ready to take on summer fun!

Woman with curly hair enjoying the summer and sun

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